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Damaged or Defective Goods, Cancellation Rights & Returns Policy

Returns policy

Bachmann Europe Plc wants you to be totally satisfied with your purchase of Goods from our website. If for any valid reason you are not entirely happy with your order we will refund the value of the goods supplied provided that you first notify us of your intention to cancel using the procedure outlined and providing that the goods, together with the original invoice, are returned to us in perfect condition, in the original packaging to the address specified on the invoice within seven working days after the day of initial delivery (UK & EU customers). A certificate of posting of some form should be obtained for your own circumstances as we cannot be held responsible for the non-delivery of goods to our address. In order for us to be able to process returns quickly and effectively, you must please enclose a covering letter with the following details.

  • The fault with the item or reason for return.
  • The original invoice number or copy of your receipt.
  • Your contact details including telephone numbers (works, mobile etc).
  • Details of any correspondence (name of person spoken to, copy of letter, printout of email)

Please return the items to us using the most economic method, in original packaging if possible. 

Faulty, Damaged or incorrect items:

Need to be reported to us within five days of receiving the item. The item(s) should be returned to us in the condition they were received, in the original parcel/wrapping. If it is not possible to return the item(s) in its original parcel/packing they should be suitably packaged to prevent further damage whilst in transit.

Missing or damaged components:

If a particular component is damaged or missing, we may require the whole item to be returned to us. Please speak to a member of our Service Department on ++44 (0)1455 245575 to confirm what we require, in order to remedy a problem.

Unwanted items (also see cancelled goods):

Will normally be refunded, if returned to ourselves within 10 days of receipt, when returned with the item and packaging in ‘as new’ condition.

Our procedure, once items have been returned to us is that:

Item(s) will be tested as soon as is possible, and dealt with appropriately. Any goods reported as faulty, once tested are then found to be in good working order will not be eligible for replacement and will be returned (charges will be applied accordingly).

UK & EU Cancelled item(s) must be returned to ourselves within 10 days of receipt. Failure to return items within this time frame will automatically invalidate any notification of cancellation given.

Rest of World customers must contact our service department on +44 (0)1455 245575 to confirm timescale for return shipment.

Please address all returns of this Goods only to: –

  • Service Department Returns
  • Bachmann Europe Plc
  • Moat Way
  • Barwell
  • Leicestershire
  • LE9 8EY

Cancellation Policy

Under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 (DSRs)³ you have the legal right to cancel any order within 7 days of receipt of goods. Notification must be made formally in writing to ourselves and your statutory rights of cancellation only apply if Goods are unmodified, have been correctly used under normal conditions, and have been correctly stored, installed operated and maintained. In addition to the above, any statutory cancellation rights do not apply to electronic software or hardware that has been opened or unsealed. To cancel any order, either email us in the first instance at or write to ourselves at:

  • Website Sales Returns
  • Bachmann Europe Plc
  • Moat Way
  • Barwell
  • Leicestershire
  • United Kingdom
  • LE9 8EY

If you require help or assistance please telephone ourselves on +44 (0)1455 245575. Your statutory rights are not affected. Cancellation can either be by the company or the consumer and the boundaries for the limit of cancellation are as follows: –

Cancellation by the Company

In certain circumstances Bachmann Europe Plc has the legal right to cancel an order placed by any customer. These include but are not limited to:

  • Where we have insufficient stock to deliver the goods you have ordered or items are of limited edition product availability.
  • Where we cannot obtain payment from you.
  • Where a product, price, or offer description fault has been identified
  • Where we do not or cannot deliver to your area/Country for a specified reason covered for reasons of non-capacity.
  • Where we suspect that a criminal act may be occurring.

If your contract is cancelled you will be notified by e-mail and your account will be re-credited with any sum deducted by us from your payment card as soon as possible, to a maximum of within 30 days from date of your order.

We reserve the right to withdraw any Goods from this Website at anytime and remove or edit materials or content present on this website. Bachmann Europe Plc can refuse to process any financial transaction for any reason or refuse service to anyone at any time at their sole discretion.

Bachmann Europe Plc will not be liable to you, or any third party by reason of: – our withdrawing any Goods from this Website, whether or not those Goods have been sold; removal or editing any materials or content on the Website; refusal to process, unwind, or suspend any transaction after processing has begun.


There is no warranty on spare parts supplied separately unless fitted by our own technicians, where a twelve month warranty would be supplied on the repair. To make a claim under this warranty the item must be returned to us.


Bachmann Europe Plc agrees that once a contract has been accepted, delivery will be made to you within 30 days from receipt of approved payment. Should delivery not be made to you, a refund will be made under our normal returns procedure, except in the exceptional instance of Non-Capacity or Force Majeure listed below.

Non-Capacity or Force Majeure

In exceptional circumstances, it may not be possible to deliver an item to you for the following reasons. Reasons for non-supply (which will be known as a Period of Incapacity) can include but are not limited to: sale or theft of intellectual license or property of the Company; war; fire; industrial action or dispute; economic incapacity or insolvency; natural disasters which result in loss such as earthquake or flood or hurricane or storm or typhoon; strike or lockout; sinking of ship at sea whilst goods in transit or loss by the catastrophic failure of other transportation means; seizure by customs or legal authorities or any other item of force majeure accepted as reasonable grounds for non-performance by the English law courts and legal jurisdiction.

In exceptional circumstances, items may be returned to ourselves for a “holding period” for delivery by other means or routes. In this instance, and only with your agreement and consent, we will route by other means. It is considered reasonable, that there may be a charge for storage, handling and re-delivery in such extreme circumstances.