Bachmann Spares

Please note that part numbers quoted in some of our older information sheets are no longer in use and may not be reliably searched. When looking for parts we recommend searching for the model by name, and the results will list all of the parts available. Use the sub-categories to narrow down the results to bodies, chassis or electronics. 

Graham Farish N Scale Instruction Sheets

F7111-3 - Class 31 2020.pdf

F7111-3 - Class 31 SF 2020.pdf

F7118 - Class 40 2017b 1.pdf

F7118 - Class 40 2017b 2.pdf

F7118 - Class 40 DCC Sound 2017.pdf

F7174-IS002 - Western Pullman 2018.pdf

F7187 - Class 108 2020.pdf

F7187 - Class 108 SF 2020.pdf

F7203 - GWR Castle Class DCC Sound.pdf

F7203 - GWR Castle Instruction Sheet 2018 1.pdf

F7203 - GWR Castle Instruction Sheet 2018 2.pdf

F7216 - LMS 8F Instruction Sheet 2020.pdf

F7216 - LMS 8F Sound Fitted instructions 2020.pdf

F7277 - SE-CR C Class 2019.pdf

F7293 - SE-CR N Class 2020.pdf

F7293 - SE-CR N Class SF 2020.pdf

F7335 - Parrot Wagon Accessories 2020.pdf

F7380 - HKA Accessories 2020.pdf

F7461 - BR Autotrailer Accessories 2018.pdf

F7465 - BR Mk2f Coaches 2020.pdf

F7465 - BR Mk2f DBSO 2020.pdf

F7101 - Class 08 2021.pdf

F7101 - Class 08 SF 2021.pdf

F7105 - Class 04 2021.pdf

F7106 - Class 03 2021.pdf

Farish DC train set instructions.pdf

Farish DCC train set instructions.pdf

Class 57.pdf

Class 60 - 6-Pin Decoder socket.pdf

Class 108 DMU - DCC Sound Fitted.pdf

Class 70.pdf

Class 25.pdf

Class 31.pdf

DP1 'Deltic'.pdf

Class 101 DMU.pdf

Midland Pullman DEMU.pdf

Class 350 EMU.pdf

Class 411 4CEP EMU.pdf

Class 55.pdf

Class 20.pdf

Class 03.pdf

Class 37.pdf

Class 14.pdf

Class 24.pdf

Class 150 DMU.pdf

Class 08.pdf

Class 08 v2.pdf

Class 108 DMU.pdf

Class 47.pdf

Class 220 'Voyager' DEMU.pdf

Class 60 - PCB Decoder.pdf

Class 66 - PCB Decoder.pdf

Class 42 'Warship'.pdf

Class 04.pdf

Black 5.pdf

Castle Class - DCC Sound Fitted.pdf

Class 3F 'Jinty'.pdf

Class 4F.pdf

Class 64xx.pdf

Class A1.pdf

Class A2.pdf

Class B1.pdf

Class J39.pdf

Fairburn Tank.pdf

Ivatt Class 2MT 2-6-0.pdf

Jubilee Class.pdf

Merchant Navy Class.pdf

N Class.pdfPrincess Coronation Class.pdf

Royal Scot Class.pdfStandard Class 3MT 2-6-2T.pdf

Standard Class 4MT 2-6-0.pdf

Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4T.pdf

Standard Class 5MT 4-6-0.pdf

WD 2-8-0.pdf

Hawksworth Auto Trailer.pdf

Sealion Ballast Hopper.pdf

TPO Coach.pdf